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Bellamy Consultants has provided services to national and global institutions and projects in more than 50 countries. Because its work is often across organizations and with varied national systems, its work tends to be complex and multi-tiered. Nevertheless, Bellamy Consultants takes pride in its abilities to rapidly assess priorities and tailor appropriate and sustainable solutions. Our clients include:

  • UNDP

  • UNEP

  • GEF

  • World Bank

  • Adaptation Fund


  • FAO

  • AfDB

  • Canadian International Development Agency (now Global Affairs Canada (GAC))

  • Dessau-Soprin (now Stantec)

  • Marbek (now ICF)

“This Certificate of Appreciation is in recognition of your enthusiastic, committed and outstanding service as Programme Manager of the Environmental Action (ENACT) Programme, funded jointly by the Government of Jamaica and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), thank you for your dedication and superior service.”

Ms. Jacqueline DaCosta, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Land and Environment, Kingston, Jamaica

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