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Bellamy Consultants is a sustainability consulting practice primarily engaged in designing, implementing and evaluating capacity development initiatives such as sustainable governance, sustainable development planning, environmental management, environmental education, corporate sustainability and integrated rural development.  It has created innovative solutions for over 20 years to develop analytical products (mappings/situational analyses) and to build the capacity of organisations and individuals. With an emphasis on creativity, Bellamy Consultants obtained noteworthy experience in programme management, in knowledge management and in business management.

With over 30 years of experience in putting sustainability into practice, Bellamy Consultants gained first-hand knowledge in policy & programme development, public sector reform, governance and development of public/private partnerships to create opportunity and incentives for sustainability solutions.  It has developed innovative local applications in response to international frameworks such as Agenda 21, Capacity 21, Millennium Development Goals, Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements and the overall CSD process as well as the SIDS process.  It was engaged in numerous policy dialogues with government officials, donors, civil society and private sector leaders.  Among others, Mr. Bellamy - the founder of Bellamy Consultants was part of the Government of Jamaica Technical Team to develop the “Public Sector Modernization - Vision and Strategy 2002-2012” White Paper. He was also involved with a working group to develop a National Sustainable Development Framework for Jamaica with emphasis on sustainability governance and in 2002, he became a member of the Jamaica National Planning Council (NPC), chaired by the Minister of Finance.

Mr. Bellamy, Founder and Principal at Bellamy Consultants, was a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from 2000 to 2020. His innovative management and analytical capabilities have been developed through academic preparation in international development, project management and business administration as well as 30 years of professional experience in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, E. Europe & Central Asia and Canada. He has also developed strong skills in designing and implementing efficient information management systems to support decision-making processes. Mr. Bellamy guided and motivated teams leading to high performance with emphasis on staff development through on-the-job coaching and staff mentoring.


Our goal is to support clients to develop their capacities and embed sustainability within their organization, business or community. We provide a suite of highly specialized services tailored to each assignment and focusing on solutions. They are organized in four service areas.


With over 25 years in putting sustainability into practice, we worked on many projects in different capacities and in most regions of the world. The focus of these projects is environment and sustainable development goverance; particularly on national responses to the implementation of Multilateral Environemntal Agreement (MEAs).


We have provided services to national and global institutions and projects in more than 50 countries. Based on our experience with many organizations and national systems, we take pride in our abilities to rapidly assess priorities and tailor appropriate solutions.


8 Thiessen Crescent

Ottawa, Ontario, K2L 2M3, Canada

Tel: 613-203-7788

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